“Rationality is what makes humans different from beasts”


This blog is dedicated to the lovers of rationality and against its enemies. With the current world of the internet ,the world is full of information: some fake, some real, some really fake and some fairly real but only thing that can make one aware of truth is rationality. A rational mind is the demand of the time for peace, future and peaceful future. 

Disclaimer : some content can hurt your ego and the definition of beauty defined by this world 

WHY THIS BLOG? – Ever wondered what’s going on in this world or you are too much  busy in your world , technically it’s a trick to keep you busy in your world so you must not get enough time to see what’s going on near you KEEP THEM BUSY OR THEY WILL GET TIME TO SEE THE SKY. 

WHY I NEED TO BE RATIONAL OR KNOW THESE STUFFS ?- A known suffering is better than an unknown suffering. (The same goes for diseases you might cure some.)

WHAT WILL YOU GET HERE?- Depends upon your perspective but as a summary some facts, some knowledge, some wisdom and some sufferings that might make your sufferings less.