SECRETARIAT-DHAKA BANGLADESH Members = 7 INDIA/BHUTAN/NEPAL/BANGLADESH/MYANMAR/SRILANKA/THAILAND FUNCTIONING OF BIMSTEC  BIMSTEC organizes inter-governmental interactions through  Summits,  Ministerial Meetings,  Senior Officials Meetings and  Expert Group Meetings and through BIMSTEC Working Group (BWG) based in Bangkok.  BIMSTEC is involved in 15 sectors including trade, technology, agriculture, tourism, fisheries, energy, and climate change among others, for sectoral cooperation. Beginning… Continue reading BIMSTEC 2021

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Hearing, or hear-able insight, is the capacity to see sounds by identifying vibrations, changes in the pressing factor of the encompassing medium through time, through an organ like the ear. The scholarly field worried about hearing is hear-able science. The sound might be heard through strong, fluid, or vaporous matter. It is one of the… Continue reading HEAR AND EAR

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Empiricist David Hume’s essay on aesthetics-“OF THE STANDARD OF TASTE”

 The great variety of Taste, as well as of opinion, which prevails in the world, is too obvious not to have fallen under every one’s observation. Men of the most confined knowledge are able to remark a difference of taste in the narrow circle of their acquaintance, even where the persons have been educated under… Continue reading Empiricist David Hume’s essay on aesthetics-“OF THE STANDARD OF TASTE”

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